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Noodles - the versatile staple of Asian cuisine

A staple of south-east Asian cooking, the noodle is one of the most simple yet versatile of ingredients. It is widely believed that the noodle originated in China and that the first noodles were eaten there 4,000 years ago!

Salad days: Get lean and green in January with Vietnamese cuisine

Here at Caphe Guests in Chiswick, we know that the start of the New Year is a tough time: we all want to keep our New Year's resolutions to shape up and slim down, but we're too tired to cook and want to treat ourselves , Eating something satisfying and delicious.

Canh Chua - Sweet, sour and spicy, rolled into one!

Hot and sour Vietnamese soup is a classic dish savoured all over Vietnam, although it originates from the Mekong Delta region, in the south of the country. 

The ultimate rice with tofu and black bean sauce dish

In Chiswick, we’re gradually providing a Chinese food revolution. More and more people are experiencing our authentic Chinese-inspired dishes for the first time, and are falling in love with them as a result.

A better look at the classic Vietnamese dish – Vietnamese Shaking Beef

The great thing about Vietnamese food is the fact that all bases are covered, so there is pretty much something for everybody. Whether you want a delicious and fragrant soup, a spicy curry, street food, or stir-fried Wok dishes, the Vietnamese food here in Chiswick, is simply divine. 

A close look at a Vietnamese classic, Bánh Xèo - Golden Crêpe

One of the most varied cuisines in the world, Vietnamese food covers everything from sandwiches and soups to noodles, rice dishes and curries. Those familiar with Vietnamese cooking will know that there are certain tastes and ingredients that run through many classic dishes, giving this unique cuisine its distinctive flavour.

Rice vermicelli noodles: a staple Vietnamese ingredient

Whether you know them as rice noodles, bee hoon, rice sticks or Vietnamese rice vermicelli noodles, here at Caphe Guests you'll find a huge variety of traditional Vietnamese dishes using this popular ingredient. You'll often find these noodles eaten as part of a soup or a salad, but our focus here at our Chiswick restaurant is on our ever-popular Bún dishes.

Pho: the popular Vietnamese noodle soup

Have you ever tried the Vietnamese noodle soup known as Pho (pronounced 'fur')? It's one of the best known and loved street food dishes in Vietnam, and it's proving popular here in Chiswick too. Our customers love it even in the summer months, as it's a light, beautifully flavoured dish that you can customise to suit your tastes.  

A true taste of Vietnam: Banh Mi and Bao

Vietnamese food is all about balance: fragrance, taste and colour all combine to create a range of vibrant, authentic foods that offer something for all tastes. On the lunch and takeaway menu at Caphe Guests, you'll find two of the most traditional and well-loved dishes from the country: banh mi and steamed bao. ​